2LoversMeet respects all its ever-growing Community. Our vision statement will therefore assess a few aspects of how we want to see you using our services, and how we want to bring a little more joy in your life.

Firstly, let’s talk about a few fears that we are pretty sure everyone has. Being a Dating service providing excellent User experience, we want you to not fear the unknown. In today’s day and age, people, even if more connected are more and lonelier. They rarely step out and freely communicate with unknown people. Mostly because it’s a fear of not knowing how a person behaves, what are his/her likings, how he reacts to certain mindsets and ideas that you may have. We do not believe that 2LoversMeet can create any rejections, only mutual matchings. Once two people match with each other, our communication protocols open up, allowing for you to communicate freely and share content with each other. We believe this will make you more comfortable, and contrary to rejections, we want to make you feel mutual interest towards each other. Your self-esteem will further be boosted, talking to seemingly unknown people and further meeting them. We want to see you securely communicating with people that you know are REAL – we review all profiles which may contain profile pictures with celebrities, to filter out possible misrepresentations. The rest is up to you – knowing that you talk to real people, just step a bit out of your comfort zone and arrange for a date – it could be anything you want, and as it usually turns out, spontaneous meet ups make for good life stories. Apart from these goals, we will work tirelessly on improving User etiquette. Rest assured that we are constantly working on finding out new ways of informing you of the best possible ways of conveying the message of peace, love and tolerance and we want to see 2LoversMeet reflect just that – being an open, strong and tolerant community.

 Secondly, let’s talk about our Services. Behind an excellent service is always a very passionate and hard-working Team. 2LoversMeet’s Team is no different, constantly creating and improving a safe environment for you and finding new ways to enrich your User experience. We see ourselves improving every aspect of communications between people – personal or impersonal. Therefore, we will work hard on preventing any nuisances from misbehaving Users, to protect you and to make your experience enjoyable.

 Priding ourselves on being an open and evolving community, we want to see you ask the seemingly uncomfortable questions regarding any and every aspect of Your User experiences. We see you as our guide to our future improvement, and will constantly work to impact as many users with future improvements.

 Growth and development are our top priorities. Extending our User base and diversifying the range of services offered, including maximum functionality for the lowest price possible, and incorporating you in the Community not limited to the number or extent of communications is our ultimate goal and vision. We therefore work on making you fresh and custom offers and special discounts on some of our paid services. Companies from the business sector, in which you may have relevant interest will be, in a non-disturbing way reaching out to you. 2LoversMeet will further strive into looking to the future – we want to help businesses, including your own, to offer their services on a User platform which has significant impact. Startups and Companies will use this possibility to increase their reach to end Users, and to make an overall bigger business impact.